Russell Sturgess- The Enhances Awareness Program

11 Aug Russell Sturgess- The Enhances Awareness Program

As a human on a journey of self-development, spiritual enlightenment, a permaculturalist and student Naturopath, I have come to understand, through personal experience, growth of a human being and or change, in order to overcome bad habits, unhealthy lifestyle choices, disease and toxic relationships requires more then admittance of the desire to resolve, more then the recognition of outside influences and still more then the presentation of change itself. In order to truly embrace transformation, one must acquire self awareness. This requires reflection and absolute honesty which when a being is caught up in a stagnate behaviour or environment may prove to be mere impossible. If we truly understood ourselves and came from a place of love, like a mother to a child, we would love, support and nurture ourselves, as understanding of our weaknesses and strengths grew evident, in order to be the best version of ourselves and live a whole and truly fulfilled life.

The problem herein lies, where does one start and how do they facilitate change? Quite often one might be exposed to media or text which may inspire ideas for a person, but without the skills of self acknowledgment and awareness, implementation of change may not be as easily achievable as the desire to the change.

Enter Russell Sturgess, who, through experience of self and others, education, life and  mentoring has developed a program suitably named THE ENHANCES AWARENESS PROGRAM (EAP). EAP is a mentoring program available to the public, which educates in the skills of self awareness, ultimately empowering ones self so they may know and experience the greatest version of their being.

I am so pleased to interview such an inspirational man and share his story of how EAP came to be with you. Enjoy the read and possibly EAP is what you have been searching for or missing. Embrace change, embrace your life and like me do the EAP and then share your great fortune of bliss with another. Thanks Russell!


What do you do?

I help people to adopt sustainable values, which makes it possible for them to have greater inner stillness, clarity of purpose, joy filled relationships and improved wellness. These outcomes are a natural result of being more mindful. To be more mindful, you first have to be aware. It’s through enhancing people’s awareness that those outcomes are possible, and that is what I do.

Why do you do it?

A Course in Miracles teaches a very important principle – teach what you want to learn. I wanted to learn how to live life in stillness. That is why I do what I do. Of course to live in stillness you have to be aware of yourself, your community and the planet. Evidence of stillness is compassion for self, for others and for the planet.

What does health mean to you?

The Buddha taught the concept of the three poisons as the cause for disease. They were ignorance, avoidance and attachment (Jesus taught the same three blocks to being aware in his parable of the sower). These are all aspects of not being aware (not listening). So health must be the opposite – being aware. So to me, the more aware we are the more mindful we can be, and the more mindful we are, the more health we enjoy.

What inspires you?


Name one change you would like to be and see in the world?

More open hearted.

If you could pass on just one valuable lesson to others, what would that be?

When we are not aware, our story (the wounded child) is the puppeteer and irrespective of our age, we will always be its puppet.


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To see Russell talk about ‘your story’ click here: “your story”

To see Russell talk about ‘sustainable values’ click here: “sustainable values”

Russell Sturgess was trained in Osteopathic massage at the of 15. On leaving high school he went on to study Osteopathy and Natural Therapies at the South Pacific College in Sydney in the mid seventies. Following college, Russell returned to his home town in rural Queensland where he commenced his own Natural Therapies practice. By the early nineties Russell had five and a half thousand clients on record and was personally treating 125 clients a week. His centre also included a naturopath, acupuncturist, dietician and chiropractor.

While at college Russell was employed in the personal practice of the college’s Dean of Osteopathy, Alan Griffiths. Alan was strongly aligned with the spiritual healing philosophy of the Father of Osteopathy, Andrew Taylor Still. Alan actively encouraged Russell to be similarly aligned in his Osteopathic approach, which would later became intrinsic to all aspects of Russell’s work. Russell developed and taught a framework of healing called Fascial Kinetics™ based on the healing approach of Geelong Osteopath, Tom Bowen. Fundamental to Fascial Kinetics are units on spiritual healing philosophy. Russell taught Fascial Kinetics all throughout the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Besides his national US lecture circuit, Russell also presented at conferences and conventions of both state and national bodies of the American Massage Therapy Association, from 1991 to 1996. By the mid nineties Russell had developed his healing philosophy program called BeAttitudinal Healing which was the fore-runner to EAP. This lead him to present at conferences for Nursing, Catholic Education, Massage Therapy, Bowen Therapy and Scouting. He has also presented sessions for corporate conferences including the Mckenzie Group and Silver Chef.

In the 2006, Russell began working on an expanded approach to his healing philosophy and developed the Enhances Awareness Program (EAP). EAP™ helps people align their values with sustainable desires and wants, resulting in new behaviours, beliefs and attitudes. Over the past two years Russell has expanded the focus of EAP to include Health Professionals. EAP successfully circumvents health professionals from having to suffer burnout and even depression.

Russell first learnt awareness and mindfulness approaches to healing in the late eighties when he regularly travelled to the USA to attend trainings with Dr Jerry Jampolsky, Dr Susan Trout, Stephen Levine and then later with Paul Ferrini. Now 25 years later, Russell well qualifies as one of Australia’s leading teachers of healing and awareness.


Russell took a sabbatical in 2006, living in Southern Italy where he researched and scribed the first draft of his book, Metanoia. Two years later he self-published his groundbreaking book that has lead to him presenting at conferences around the world.

Metanoia, is a real-life Da Vinci Code, in which Russell reveals religious mysteries from medieval Europe that have remained ‘hidden in plain sight’ for almost 600 years. His book and engaging talks take his audience into Milan, Italy during the Visconti rule between the 14th and 15th centuries.

Besides the intrigue and mystery of the heretics that inspired the Albigensian Crusade and Inquisition, Russell reveals the secrets that these heretics encoded into a set of picture cards that were later called the Marseille Tarot. It was from his research that Russell was inspired to create the principles and process that he later called the Enhances Awareness Program.

After publishing his book Metanoia, Russell was invited to present at conferences throughout Australia, as well as France (2011), England (2014) and the USA (2015). To this day Russell does regular lecture circuits throughout Australia and New Zealand.


This is a very personal ‘warts and all’ examination of how Russell went from divorce, depression, bankruptcy and obesity, to being in a conscious relationship, purposeful and fulfilled in his work, financially stable and 40kg lighter, all a consequence of his Enhances Awareness Program.

Russell transparently shows how his narrative, which emerged from his childhood, became the catalyst for his suffering. By understanding and reframing his ‘story’, he was able to find a place of forgiveness and gratitude. This enabled him to see the gifts that arose from his story, and how it was possible to use those gifts to fulfil his ‘calling’.

This book is a quick read, but it will have you hold a magnifying glass to your own life and consider how you might create a life that is free of suffering. This little book of alchemy shows how it is possible to convert the dross of life into gold.

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EAP Mentor will make a significant contribution to facilitating global inner stillness (peace) and healing, one person at a time. We believe that a global change can be achieved by guiding a critical mass to be enhanced in their awareness. This program will be delivered by ‘ordinary’ people who possess a clear understanding of the dynamic healing nature of awareness and who share the vision of EAP Mentor.

How did the Enhances Awareness Program come to be?

There are 5 principles at EAP are the fundamental truths that serve as the foundation and reasoning for the Enhances Awareness Program.

  1. Your Body is a Symbol of Consciousness

After 35 years of being in the health industry, Russell witnessed many cases of chronic diseases emerging within two years of a significant emotional trigger. Major emotional triggers often suggest a significant deterioration of relationships. This whole notion can be seen in the etymology of the words health and disease.

The word health originated from the Old English haelp, meaning ‘wholeness’ . The word disease comes from the Latin root in which the first syllable ‘dis’ means ‘not’. The second syllable ‘ease’ shares the same latin root (adjacens) as the word ‘comfort’, and from this word arose the word ‘adjacent’ meaning ‘nearby or next to’. So on reflection, the origins of the words, health and disease, both arise from a sense of being near to someone or something, therefore implying a ‘quality of relationship’. Simply put, health is about connection through relationship, and disease is about separation from relationship.

  1. You Can’t Change What You Can’t See

The second EAP principle implies that there must be something that is blocking one’s view. If you cannot see something, how can you change it? Inversely this would mean that when you become aware of (or can see) something, you then have the capacity to change it.

  1. Healing is Listening

Not listening and your conditioned thinking are the cause of much of your dis-ease. Blocks to listening (ignorance, avoidance and attachment), and the associated programmed behaviours were referred to in Buddhist philosophy as the Three Poisons. This was because of their ability to make you sick. If ‘not-listening’ causes disease, then listening must result in healing. This is the third principle of the EAP program.

  1. When Consciousness is Authentically Observed It Transforms

This fourth principle is the foundation to EAP and what effectively sets it apart from other personal growth programs. This means that all effort is directed towards awareness and observation and not to adopting new behaviours. To authentically observe something means having the ability to see something as it is and not how we perceive it to be. It is our perceptions or filters that inform how we relate to something. When you stop projecting your beliefs, attitudes or meanings onto a moment, it has the ability to transform.

  1. Transformation Happens Like a Ripple Across a Pond

The fifth and final principle alludes to the idea that one well placed and weighted ‘stone’ in your pond of consciousness will have the most balanced impact, in terms of both the reach and force. This principle suggests that to effect all of your consciousness, you don’t have to attend to every corner of it by throwing lots of ‘stones’. You just need one well placed and weighted stone which reaches across the whole pool. And obviously the more to the centre of the pool the more balanced the effect.


Why Is Enhancing Awareness So Important?


There is a lot of research praising the virtues of meditation and mindfulness. As many of you will know, being able to maintain that state of consciousness on a day-to-day basis is challenging. People still find themselves struggling with relationship issues, job satisfaction, maintaining wellbeing and how to feel fully engaged in life. The real issue is sustainability. This is where awareness comes into play. Let’s use an example.

Practicing mindfulness to achieve a better quality of life is like going on a diet to lose weight. You know what you have to do to lose weight, you become very mindful of what you put in your mouth, you may even be mindful of the amount of physical exercise you need to do. But, how many people actually succeed in not only losing the weight, but also have it be a life-long sustainable result? Typically it becomes too exhausting and too difficult to maintain the discipline needed to ‘stay slim’, and consequently, the weight goes back on.

It’s not until you are aware of why you eat and exercise the way you do that you will have any chance of sustainable change. Once you have the awareness of why, along with a tool to resolve the why, only then will you be able to naturally maintain mindfulness as it relates to your diet and exercise. And so it is with mindfulness. It’s the ignorance we hold around our personal ‘why’ that makes being sustainably mindful so challenging. That’s why enhancing your awareness is so important.

Who Should Do the Enhances Awareness Program?

Anyone, man or woman, who is wanting to improve the quality of their life. Typically however, people are usually motivated by one of these three triggers:

  1. They are committed to ongoing personal growth / are looking for something new and innovative
  2. They have come to a cross-road in life and don’t know what to do next
  3. They are looking for a permanent relief from their suffering

We consistently receive testimonials from people who rave about how the quality of their life has improved having completed EAP. You can read the testimonials page on


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