Bob – Earth Art

28 Apr Bob – Earth Art

At the beginning of this year I started to spend a lot of time down at the Northey Street City Farm during the weekdays and also for the markets on Sunday mornings. I began to notice regulars about the farm, one in particular.

Bob caught my attention as he was playing a cane flute (which he made completely from earth art), made popcorn for the children in a small clay oven that he had made, made pizzas in the large wood fire ovens he has also made and as he instructed very willing children to paint all over themselves and each other.

I became curious to learn more about this man who always wore a smile on his face and quite clearly was as overjoyed in the interaction as the children were.

Bob is an artist, a poet, a musician and a teacher, who has travelled the world sharing his gifts and knowledge. I discovered Bob does this for LOVE not money. He is retired and spends his day teaching the community, particularly children, how to learn from the earth, about themselves and the planet through play. He wants to make sure that the next generation connect with their planet and understand that money does not bring happiness… joy and purpose do.

I spoke to Bob numerous times and he was happy to be our first guest at Love Today Holistic Living for our INSPIRE project.

What do you do?

An earth artist and teacher.

I run free play groups every Tuesday and Friday and run the art stall every Sunday down here at Northey Street City Farm.

Why do you do it and what are the benefits to you, your community and environment?

There is a famous quote from Albert Einstein ‘Play is the highest form of research.’
It is in the joy of creating and because no money is involved. The Australian culture today is based on greed. With children it’s benefit is in showing them how to do things/learn in one day, outside amongst nature, that certain curriculum; schooling, expensive art courses provide in a whole semester. It’s about experiencing and interacting with nature.

Relating to nature which is important, as nature is the boss.
The benefit I receive is spending time with little kids, teaching them to connect with the earth, at no cost, in a world in which I have been part of destroying.

What does health mean to you?

The prime necessity…. best found by joyous occupation. Bob also mentioned the benefits of spending more time outside and in nature to build the immune system, vitality and raise resilience.

What inspires you?

Nature, Learning, creating children and animals.

Name one change you would like to be and see in this world?

I would like to see education be based on finding out what people love to do!

If you could pass on just one valuable lesson to others, what would that be?

Find out what you like to do, which is how you want to live your life. Until now, being responsible for running the play groups and the art stall every Sunday has been the happiest time of my life. Everything I have learnt in life and as a teacher can be used at the Northey street city farm. I can be free and share that freedom with everyone else! Bob said to me ‘aside from the negatives of life is the joy of play. It doesn’t matter if we die tomorrow we must learn to live in the now as nothing else matters. There are too many distractions in life now and we have forgotten what it is all about; connecting to the earth, connecting to each other and connecting with ourselves’.

Click here to watch a video on Bob

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Bob can be found down at the Northey Street City Farm on Tuesday, Friday and Sundays. Go down, have a chat and experience the joy yourself.