08 Nov Fruit Salad Smoothie

This is a great one for the end of the week when you have bits of this and that fruit leftover in your fridge or left over fruit salad. Don't forget to add the lime and the coconut and drink it all up!...

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31 Oct Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Roasting the pumpkin and allowing to cool gives the pumpkin a sweeter caramilzed flavour. There is also health benefits to roasting pumpkin and allowing to cool such as feeding your good bacteria and making your tummy happy! Delicious healthy treat....

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23 Oct The Golden Milk Latte

Golden Milk is a traditional Aryuvedic remedy. Traditionally, it is used for its calming and healing properties, aiding digestion and circulation, increasing immunity and vitality. Curcumin is the active constituent in Tumeric, which is the main beneficial ingredient in Golden Milk. Curcumin has shown efficacy in clinical...

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