13 Aug Liver Loving Green Smoothie

The Liver loving Green smoothie contains high levels of vitamin C and Fibre. With added Tumeric and Ginger, this smoothie is great for the health of your liver and digestive system. May aid in lowering cholesterol....

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13 Aug Melon Light Delight Smoothie

Cucumbers are 95% water making them a good option for hydration and toxin elimination. Cucumber's are rich in vitamin K, C, B5 and A, as well as Silica and Folate, Potassium and Magnesium. Making Cucumbers a great aid for digestion and restoration....

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13 Aug The Carrot Cake Smoothie

Carrot's are very high in vitamin A (essential for immune and eye health) , as well as vitamin K (assists in coagulation of the blood and the binding of Calcium to bones and other tissues), C and B vitamins. Carrot's also contain Potassium and Manganese....

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