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21 Sep Daniel Coates – Suntara – Sound Medicine


 Please listen to the video while you read.

The joy of doing what I love here is seeking out education on topics I do not fully understand myself, from beautiful souls who serve from the heart.

I was so very pleased when Daniel crossed my path and so enthusiastically volunteered to share with us the healing power of sound. I had never really tried it, understood it or honestly… bought into it.

Music is healing.

I challenge anyone to disagree with me on that. However, how often do you consciously observe the music choices you are making and the effect it may be having on your mood let alone your frequency? I am a self confessed music junkie, but in truth my music choices usually reflect my mood at the time therefore (I know now), keeping me at the frequency at which I am already existing or even in my states of melancholy acting like an anchor of a sinking ship in a bottomless ocean.

I needed more though. I mean, what is energy frequency? How does it come to be, how does it change?

I found this extensive article in my online travels, I found it very informative. It’s a good place to start  http://www.starstuffs.com/physcon/freqamp.html

So… as I do, I took the informative healing and applied it to my life for the week to observe any impact it may have.

Side note: for every blog I do, I observe the healing practice and how it shows up in my life. Every time it has presented itself to me as something that already exists in my life in some form, however my lack of awareness has seen me make no choice or ill choices relating to how the healing medium may be of benefit. Interesting.

So I got a hold of Daniels music and I listened.

At first I strained, trying to examine the sound and what it was supposed to evoke in me. My analytical mind. I closed my eyes. I took a deep breath… I had to let that shit go and just be a passenger.

Seconds, and I was lost. I felt choked up with emotion at first, which was unexpected. His voice took me on a journey without attachment. Of feeling without thought. My imagination took me to a place of warmth, my skin glowed there and the fire crackled. I was there with my people and together we allowed the energy to move our bodies like we were under a trance. I was dancing. Daniel was the charmer and I was the snake. This great energy grew within me and my soul felt trapped within skin and bone. In an attempt to touch the sound I moved involuntarily, yet with intention and knowingness.

  Daniels’ voice is captivating. It’s a beautiful experience, if you let it. I feel like I connected to a part of myself which had previously lay dormant. My practical groudedness had been released and my body felt light, so light. This is some kind of magic.

Daniel has an incredible energy, a beautiful gift and I mean just look at that smile and essence.

What do you do?

I am a Sound Healer and Vocal Channel which means that I channel sound. Whenever I do a Sound Journey for a group it is always spontaneous, in the moment and I create a soundscape in the moment using voice and other instruments such as Crystal Bowls and Shamanic Drums. I am also a Singer / Songwriter of positive uplifting music and a Rebirther.

Why do you do it and what are the benefits to you, your community and environment?

Sound had a profound effect on me when I was in London 10 years ago. I was working in I.T. in a very stressful environment with long hours. I found Sound Healing and it brought me much relief and allowed me to be able to handle everything better. It also made me realize that I didn’t want to be in an office for much longer.

I went on to become a Sound Healer because of what I experienced. I started running group Sound Journeys and people were getting the same benefits: Relaxation, Clarity about life and on a number of occasions physical healing as well. With Sound Healing, I am not really doing the healing, Sound is a great space creater, it clears peoples energy fields and it clears their mind so that the body/mind can do what it is designed to do: Heal itself.

Sound can also be used to clear a space or raise the vibration of a space. EVERYTHING is energy vibrating at a different frequency so when we bring loving Sound Frequencies into an environment the frequencies interact with the frequency of the space, the person, the environment and causes a shift in that energy.

What does health mean to you?

Health to me means when the life energy is flowing with as little impedance as possible. A free flowing energy field results in vibrant health. Where there are many blocks in the energy field these eventually manifest as physical ailments. Sound Healing is a great way to clear the blocks. Health is not only physically feeling well but it is also living your passion and creating a life that is exciting and fulfilling.

What inspires you?

Knowing that I am connected and one with infinite intelligence and love and I can draw on that power for anything that I do. I am inspired to stay connected to source so I have a clearer connection to all that is so I can bring it through with my music.

Name one change you would like to be and see in this world?

I wouldn’t change anything but myself. The thing that I would change in myself would be to be more connected to Source more of the time and flowing with the Universe rather than struggling and pushing.

If you could pass on just one valuable lesson to others, what would that be?

Awesome question. I would simple say “Alignment”. Go for alignment, that feeling of excitement and joy first and then do the actions required.

Thank you for taking us there Daniel and introducing us to sound healing.  Your passion transpires. I am on board.

Suntara – Sound Medicine Suntara create music to make you feel good now. Suntara’s music could be described as a warm breeze that comes to blow away your cares and leave you feeling rejuvenated, uplifted and refreshed. With catchy upbeat infectious melodies and positive lyrics, to experience Suntara is to experience joy and the knowing that everything is good in the world. Suntara also create enchanting Sound Journeys called “Sound Medicine” both recorded and in live workshops. “Sound Medicine” brings the mind still and the body into relaxation allowing balance to be restored to the body, mind and spirit.




 Daniel and his family are currently touring Australia performing at festivals and workshops.
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