Linda Rylands – Sustainable Fashion

25 Apr Linda Rylands – Sustainable Fashion



Introducing to you, Linda. I met Linda at the start of this year at a Vipassana, ten day silent Buddhist meditation retreat. Linda is on a personal journey of CHANGE and it is CHANGE and awareness that Linda wishes to inspire. Linda has evoked questioning from me about the impact my choices in clothing and homewares has on the environment and perhaps she may for you too!


What do you do?

With a background as an occupational therapist and just completing my anthropology studies I am passionate about bringing people together over wellbeing activities in a way that is culturally inclusive. More recently I have become interested in sustainability issues around fashion and clothing as dress is one of those universal activities that can be culturally, politically and geographically defined.


Why do you do it and what are the benefits to you, your community and environment?

I like to have meaningful human connection in my life and meeting like-minded people.  I am passionate about the connection with nature and the benefits to health.


What does health mean to you?

Health means positive daily habits and activity that create flow and energy for the body, mind and spirit.


What inspires you?

Nature, creating, natural fibres & textiles, the sun, meditation, love, connection with the body.


Name one change you would like to be and see in this world?

I would like to see a change to re-localising fibre to fabric to fashion using natural fibres such as hemp, cotton and wool.


If you could pass on just one valuable lesson to others, what would that be?

Learn to meditate and find that quiet peace inside yourself.

Find peace in respecting the world view of indigenous cultures and their connection with nature and spirit.



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